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Sustainable Ocean Society is a not for profit established by myself and a group of friends from university. We all studied marine biology together, while diving, surfing and gathering food from this incredibly, awe inspiring resource. After we graduated, it was collectively thought that with our skills and passion combined, we have the responsibility to establish a charity to help raise funding for projects that protect and create awareness around our big blue backyard.



  • To improve the health of New Zealand’s natural seafood resources. 
  • To reduce the amount of rubbish and pollutants in the ocean.
  • To take the guesswork out of making everyday sustainable choices.
  • To support research and educational initiatives that aim to improve our knowledge of New Zealand's marine resources and pass it on to the next generation.




SOS has been an integral component of fund raising for shark research in New Zealand. Having a charitable destination helps encourage corporates to make tax incentive donations but it also enables individual people to make their own contribution. 
All proceeds from shark related work I do is reinvested in SOS - Sharks, to ensure they always have a funding source. After all, they are the doctors and garbage men of the sea and Im sure you don't complain about funding those roles. 



We have a dream: of a New Zealand where a citizen can harvest enough seafood to feed themselves and their family for the day. This seafood will be free from pollutants, and will not affect the stocks of the resource. If the New Zealander chooses to purchase New Zealand seafood from a market or restaurant, they can be confident that the fish, is fresh, harvested sustainably, and packaged in a sustainable way.

In this future there is a culture of accountability, of responsible ownership of our resources. New Zealanders are active as the preventative measure against overfishing and pollution of our oceanic resources. We look for the bigger picture solution, not the quick fix.

We are planting a tree for our children, so that they may enjoy the shade that we will not see in our lifetime.





Auckland, New Zealand


Shark Fin Ban NZ 2014

Blue shark Satellite tagging Program

Shark Research, Awareness and Conservation


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